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Hi, I'm Neso!

I am Nebojsa Nedic, but you can call me Neso. I am 47 years old, and I live in Eindhoven.

Technical Consultant Critical Facilities


  • About me

    I am Nebojsa Nedic, but you can call me Neso. I am 47 years old, and I live in Eindhoven. I am married and have two sons aged 12 and 14. My hobbies are playing tennis, racing bikes, reading, playing guitar and occasionally fishing with my sons. Once in my youth I was a promising drummer and the passion for this hobby is still present, however, it is no longer so easy to practice in a house. My life vision and mission is to contribute to a safe, clean and beautiful living environment for all of us, so that we can leave something behind for the generations to come.

    That is why I encourage my children to learn as much as possible, to continue this mission. I really enjoy working and I love to contribute to development of a company. In addition, I strive to be an interconnection between people and organizations. That makes me feel good. I like the healthy humour. I am also very pragmatic and treat people the way I want to be treated myself; positive and correct.

  • Me and STULZ

    My position within STULZ

    My actual position within STULZ is Technical Consultant Critical Facilities for among others Precision Cooling. It means that I am responsible for the contacts and information exchange between STULZ, consultancy firms and end users before and during the engineering process of the critical facilities, including data centers where STULZ's climate solutions can be of added value. So, it can be precision cooling, but it can also be other solutions. During the engineering process, the specifications for the ambient climate as well as the performance of a cooling system are determined. It is essential for the engineers to know the available technologies so that they can make their choices.

    On the other hand, it is important for STULZ to monitor market developments in order to innovate. So, on the one hand, my concrete task is to inform the parties involved about the current product portfolio as well as the innovations of STULZ, and on the other hand to collect information about the trends and developments in the climate solutions market.

    How did I end up at STULZ

    Carlo Brouwer and I know each other as two main partners of the Dutch Data Center Association (me at that time on behalf of my previous employer and Carlo on behalf of STULZ). As the fact is that I want to continue my career in this industry in a position where I can make an essential contribution to the development of an innovative company and the fact that Carlo was looking for someone who is able, with his knowledge and experience, to pick up this challenge quickly and independently, we came in contact during the Kick Start Europe 2020 event. As a result we discussed the specifics and the new alliance was born.

  • Qualifications

    My professional background is electrical engineering of energy technology enriched with commercial economic studies. Within this specialization I have been active in the different market segments for more than 25 years, of which the last 15 years in data centers. Until 2005 mainly engaged in engineering of power electronics products, then sales, business development and commercial management. The markets such as Industry, Utility, Infrastructure, Defence and Healthcare are also the areas of work in which I have gained my experiences over the years.

  • What do I really want to say to all the STULZ visitors and customers?

    The creation of added-value is only possible when we can learn from each other; “alone you go faster together you go further”. It is in fact my most important message for our customers. The condition for such as this is open communication, mutual respect and trust. Moreover I consider “say what you think and do what you promise” as my strong personal manner.

  • What can you wake me up for at night?

    Birth of a child, technical problem of a customer and / or any problem from the social environment and a nice piece of chocolate.

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