Meet Sebastiaan

Hi, I'm Sebastiaan

It's nice to meet you. I would like to tell you about my work here, and explain why I like working at STULZ. Perhaps we'll be colleagues some day soon?

Online Marketing


  • About me

    I am a very passionate guy who likes to tackle challenges and I always try to find a creative solution, so also during my time at STULZ, what is quite a challenge. I am tracking all developments in the company every day, and I am trying to adapt myself to this. In this way, working at STULZ remains a challenge everyday and I can help to improve the business. That is one of the most important work goals I have set for myself during my work here, there is always plenty to improve.

  • Qualifications

    After obtaining my HAVO diploma I studied Digital Media and Communication (HBO) at the University of Utrecht. After completing this study in 2015, I started with online marketing at STULZ GROEP BV. Before that I worked as a warehouse assistant in the warehouse at STULZ. My mission at STULZ is to gain experience. Also, I still have the ambition to do another study and develop myself further. But we'll see what the future brings me.

  • My STULZ

    From around my 16th, I worked in the holidays for STULZ as a warehouse assistant. When I was graduating early 2015 for my study Digital Media and Communication I ended up at STULZ GmbH in Hamburg, headquarters. There I wrote my thesis on Social Media and Business to Business. Besides writing my thesis, I was also involved in a number of Online Marketing projects which I supported. After successfully graduating, I ended up on the literal, upper floor, of STULZ GROEP BV. I am now working almost one year at STULZ as a online marketeer. I am responsible for almost all outbound communication to the customer and our partner companies, advertising, setting up campaign, developing this website, it is really a diverse job.

  • What do I want to say to the visitors of the website

    This new website offers many new opportunities for you as a consumer. Explore the website, and in this way you will learn what STULZ GROEP BV is all about.

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