Meet Cor

Hi, I'm Cor

It's nice to meet you. I would like to tell you about my work here, and explain why I like working at STULZ. Perhaps we'll be colleagues some day soon?

Accountmanager Service region south/east in The Netherlands


  • About me

    I like being among people with technical know-how about cooling and air conditioning technology, this always is a challenge for me. Working in a team is a must in order to achieve the maximum with colleagues at STULZ GROEP BV. With a positive attitude I am open for anyone at any time. My personal goals I achieved in all the different functions I had within the STULZ company.

  • Qualifications

    After secondary school, I was a professional soldier in the Royal Navy (for 6 years). Here is laying the basis of training for refrigeration and air conditioning. Additional commercial and marketing training at HBO level ultimately made me enter the commercial side within the STULZ company.

  • My STULZ

    Beginning in 1987, I was approached  by a former colleague sales / engineering from Landaal Scheldt (RSV group) to apply at STULZ. After two interviews the step was taken and I joined  the company on May 1, 1987.

    Former functions at STULZ

    • Allround servicemechanic Benelux

    • Inspector / Engineering

    • Supervisor McQuay

    • Commercial Technical Service Coordinator

    • Service Manager

    • Division Manager Service (temporarily)

    • Accountmanager Service

  • What do I want to say to the visitors of the website

    Do not hesitate to contact us for further acquaintance. A personal encounter can put forgotten things under discussion. Service and Maintenance add value to your triple A product!

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