Meet Carlo

Hi, I'm Carlo

It's nice to meet you. I would like to tell you about my work here, and explain why I like working at STULZ. Perhaps we'll be colleagues some day soon?

Managing Director STULZ GROEP BV


  • About me

    For someone who recognizes opportunities, puts them where they belong and someone who values individuality, commitment, family feeling and the ability to develop the maximum growth for the company by treating everyone with respect, I agree very well with the sprit of the STULZ family business ...

    My goal is to get STULZ Group to one of the leading companies in the field of climate ranging from comfort cooling to the highest precision in technological form.

  • Qualifications

    The common red line in my career has always been technic, starting with industrial automation, plastics and now climate control combined with commerce. Also surely German family companies whose STULZ is the third now.

  • My STULZ

    In 2011 I was approached by STULZ GmbH because STULZ was looking for a replacement for the MD which was now retired, and because STULZ Group needed to be brought to the next "level". I grabbed this challenge with both hands and I can say, that along with the whole team, this worked out very well for 4 years. With a solid service organization, own engineering, own product development, products such as MHI-conditioned comfort, Carel humidification and heat pumps from REMKO we are a solid organization where anyone may address issues of climate control. We will soon add other products such as modular data centers, DCIM and air handling units.

  • What do I want to say to the visitors of the website

    Visit us regularly on the website, events and conferences. There is always enough news to report, opportunities to discover,or information on issues that you currently have no knowledge of or might have thought of.

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