Meet Arno

Hi, I'm Arno

It's nice to meet you. I would like to tell you about my work here, and explain why I like working at STULZ. Perhaps we'll be colleagues some day soon?

Account manager service


  • About me

    I am a perfectionist by nature, this is not always an advantage, of course, but in my work I have definitely benefited from this. The customer is number one, and should at all times be helped as much as possible, whether it is a specific maintenance contract with a customer, or solving a problem. My motto is: If you do something, do it well.

    Due to the ever growing digital world of IT, there is no time to stand still. Each installation is customized, each customer is unique. My goal is to make my contribution to the growth of this company and to bring the cooperation between customers and colleagues to the highest possible level.

  • Qualifications

    I started after my technical education as a mechanic at the technical department of a manufacturing company, after I worked there for five years I moved to service delivery. Initially as a mechanic in the field, and I've grown to contract manager by various internal training. In 2012, I it was time to look further after 15 years and I started working for STULZ in my current position. Especially the specialized work appeals to me here. In addition, I find through my experience in the field that I understand exactly what the customer wants, and can also act upon that.

  • My STULZ

    At my previous employer "total care" was commissioned by several large companies including the IT and telecom sector. This specific branches of service, I therefore previously been in contact with STULZ precisely because the manufacturer can provide the best service. When I then raised my light to work elsewhere was that was one of the points that caught my attention.

  • What do I want to say to the visitors of the website

    How extensive and informative website is built, each customer has its own specific needs and goals. I would therefore like to cordially invite you to come and meet in person so we also can provide the service at the points where you just need something extra.

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