The ArtStyle air to water heatpump

Heat pumps should not be seen as something out of place. The appliances must exude elegance and fit the ambience. REMKO ArtStyle heat pumps can be integrated perfectly and discreetly in any outdoor environment.



  • Speed controlled radial fan with EC technology according to ERP. A newly developed blade geometry guarantee whisperquiet operation.

  • REMKO Smart-Control with TFT screen ready for 24h operation. The intelligent Multitalent is an efficient overall system. Whether heat pumps, solar energy, or photovoltaics, anything can be integrated.

  • Use in a Smart-Grid or Smart Home system, such as KNX, is possible.

  • Noise-insulated indoor unit housing with EPP moulded parts for the minimisation of power losses and noise emissions.

  • Integrated power-controlled circulation pump with EC technology for the supply of the heating system.

  • Integrated electronic bypass valve for guaranteeing the minimum volume flow rate.

  • Control of two mixed and one non-mixed heating circuits

  • Complete compact system consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit

  • Heating and cooling.

  • Inverter-plus technology.

  • Effective domestic water preparation.

  • Integrated solar control.

  • Optimised use of photovoltaic current. Smart Heating /Cooling.

  • Particularly noise-insulated scroll condenser in indoor unit.

  • Intelligent, needs-based automatic defrost function.

  • Noise-optimised outdoor unit.

  • Switchover to night operation mode for additional reduction of noise.

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