Technical Facility Management

First aid for your data center!

If you deal everyday with the requirements of data centers and systems that are critical to operations, you will always have to get to grips with the infrastructure as a whole. Based on this experience, for years now STULZ has been offering its customers a complete Technical Facility Management service.

  • Air conditioning – electricity – security

    A reliable power supply and safety factors are just as important as intelligent air conditioning of the systems. Technical Facility Management from STULZ keeps these three aspects in mind and, together with specialized local partners, keeps everything working reliably in harmony, around the clock.

    Air conditioning

    Only highly available system technology can ensure the continuation of processes critical to business. Here, STULZ takes on the repair and maintenance of the air conditioning systems and therefore ensures greater capacity with lower energy consumption.

    System power supply

    The power supply is just as important for the availability of your IT system technology. To ensure this is maintained even in an emergency, STULZ services all the necessary systems regularly and reliably. Moreover, our range of services covers all vital aspects of the system power supply.

    Security technology

    These days, the importance of security is growing – especially where sensitive data and business critical areas are concerned. STULZ protects your equipment rooms, providing everything from video surveillance to fire fighting and prevention.

  • Centrally organized – locally on the ground

    The central STULZ Service Organization takes care of major companies with several sites. A STULZ project manager acts as the central point of contact and coordinates all steps, partner companies and maintenance appointments. Next, the operative tasks are performed by the local service organization.

    For optimum air distribution, data centers are divided into hot and cold aisles. The cold aisle conveys cool supply air through the raised floor into the server racks, and in the hot aisle, heated return air is fed back to the air conditioning system. If the airflow is blocked or misdirected, the cooling effect is diminished – and power consumption rises. This is caused by: 

    • aised floors clogged up with cables, 
    • air pockets in unoccupied server racks, or 
    • an incorrectly set room temperature.

    Like any technical system, data center air conditioning systems require regular maintenance. When individual computers or racks are added to, converted or replaced by units with a higher output, this can be critical. This is because each new heat source changes the heat load distribution, and each new piece of hardware can force the hot and cold airflows out of balance. Output drops, power consumption rises. 

    STULZ's server room optimization service banishes flow barriers and hot spots. Unoccupied height units (HU) in server racks are sealed by cover panels. Suggestions are offered on how best to distribute the heat load, raised floors are cleared of cable spaghetti, and operating values are calibrated to the optimum level. Your data center can breathe freely once more, and energy consumption drops.

  • Advantages of the STULZ Service

    • One central point of contact for all issues
    • Reliable harmonization of air conditioning, system power supply and security technology
    • Optimum availability of systems critical to business

For general inquiries, our hotline is available at +31 (0)20 545 11 11
The office in Amstelveen is open from 08:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.

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