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Running costs, availability, energy efficiency, room size, noise protection and local climate – every customer has their own special requirements. Our STULZ consultants provide clarification and assist with planning.

  • Air conditioning concepts for individual solutions

    STULZ develops individual solutions for optimizing and expanding existing air conditioning systems and building new ones. First of all, STULZ consultants carry out a thorough examination of heat loads, room design and air conduction. Only after this do they design a tailor-made solution. 

    Therefore STULZ advisers always conduct a detailed study on the heat load, the design and air currents. With all these elements they can design a customized solution specific to your needs. But there is more, STULZ project managers have a wide range of different types of airconditioning systems which they can choose from. For example: systems with recirculating air, liquid cooling or hybrid systems with intelligent electronic controls for maximum energy savings. If it is economically viable, other brands/manufactures will be incorporated into the concept. 

    The STULZ test center in Hamburg, Germany can simulate heat load conditions in the planning phase of a project. In a climatic chamber, assembled air conditioning systems can undergo intensive acceptance tests.

    Whether you’re renovating, converting or building – our STULZ specialist engineers work together with planners and system builders to develop intelligent concepts for systems, implementation and service. And a powerful support tool is also available in the form of the StulzSelect design program, which devises detailed possible solutions from just a few parameters.

  • Reliable compliance with laws and regulations

    Refrigerant regulations for fire safety requirements, Stulz offer advice on current environmental requirements and VGM rules.

    Legislators and authorities set demanding requirements on the operational safety of air conditioning systems. Plant operators bear full responsibility for compliance with such legislation.
    Our STULZ consultants know the ins and outs of current refrigerant laws, leak test conditions, fire safety and environmental protection.

For general inquiries, our hotline is available at +31 (0)20 545 11 11
The office in Amstelveen is open from 08:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.

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