25 service engineers – Precision and practical expertise is on its way to you

Even the best products need a service that satisfies the most demanding requirements – all over the Netherlands and Belgium 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Service by STULZ - Nation wide coverage

    Service at Stulz, which is much more than just an emergency service. With 25 service technicians Stulz offers not only a nationwide customer service network, but she has also the knowledge for giving instructions in the field of maintenance procedures and gives advice regarding (energy-saving) optimal operations of your equipment.

    In addition, STULZ is your expert partner with the technical knowledge to protect your sensitive data infrastructure. A service customized to individual needs and individual maintenance contracts guarantee the continuity of your business.

  • STULZ Service ensures continuity

    The STULZ Service ensures the continuity of their service by means of inspections, maintenance, operation and 24/7 availability, security, energy efficiency and other economic aspects of climate-technical systems.

    All technical systems need regular maintenance of the air conditioning systems in IT and data centers. Regular inspections and maintenance ensures the availability, efficiency and economy. They prevent failures in the system and ensure the maintenance of critical business processes.

    Quick help in emergencies

    A central emergency allows for rapid intervention in case of malfunctions. The STULZ Service is available throughout the year 24 hours a day to correct any malfunction to your equipment.

    Fast access to spare

    Besides our own warehouse in Amstelveen we are able to prompt delivery of parts from the central warehouse in Hamburg and Frankfurt. In addition, the vehicles of the technicians are stocked with the most common spare parts. Our warehouse structure ensures the very short delivery time of  spare parts.

  • Single point of contact for all services

    Based on a service contract, agreements are made about the maintenance frequency, response times, protocols, reporting and invoicing.

    Our business tailored services will take your preferences and requirements into account . Things like preventive and corrective measures, inventory management, planning, reporting and billing for all services, as stipulated in the service contract, secured in your business custom written protocol.

    One contactperson for all matters

    It does not matter whether you use our maintenance services regionally or nationally. STULZ Service determines a contact person for you that will guide and advise you on all matters relating to preventive and corrective maintenance, inventory, billing and scheduling and any other matters.

    STULZ Global Service

    Through a global network of five international manufacturing facilities, Stulz has 11 subsidiaries and over 90 service partners, STULZ Global Services provides services for all global corporations.

  • Digital reports and advice

    During the year you will be will be kept informed of the work carried out on your system using the digital service notifications we will give you. Our technical staff will provide you with reports and advise on the basis of the findings of the technicians in the field.

    Digital management

    All equipment is registered in the service program under its own unique number. The history of the equipment is also stored per machine and continues during the technical lifetime of the machine available.

    Stulz Service Management

    The Stulz engineers are equipped with PDA and laptop. The purchase order lands on your desk at the time the technician reports that the job is finished. This ensures you will be informed real time on the ocurring work on your system.


For general inquiries, our hotline is available at +31 (0)20 545 11 11
The office in Amstelveen is open from 08:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.

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