heaterSteam Process

heaterSteam process completes the range of heater humidifiers, offering a modular and versatile solution.

heaterSteam process is the ideal solution for applications in which reliability and operating flexibility are needed when feed water characteristics not always under control or may vary over time, such as marine applications. In these cases, or even when the feed water needs to be softened, immersed electrode humidification is usually problematic, if not impossible. heaterSteam process, however, fears no type of water and are available in capacity’s from 2 to 80 kg/h.



  • a very high precision of ±1% around the relative humidity set point;

  • absolute reliability by Incoloy® heaters, AFS anti-foam system;

  • the thermal shock cycles remove any scale build-up on the heaters makes the unit easy to maintain;

  • protection against overheating guarantees safety and reliability in all situations;

  • integrated BACnetTM and Modbus®, USB port; heaterSteam process can control up to 19 units in parallel (capacity 2 to 1.600 kg/h);

  • preheating makes the heaterSteam ready to response to the need for precise relative humidity control.



  • Heater Steam Brochure

    • File: HeaterSteam_Brochure_0219_en.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 239,80 KB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2010-02-19

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