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STULZ GROEP BV offers school leavers various ways to join the company. Find the right one for you!

STULZ wants to learn from the new generation of young people! Is that you? Come on then, and read on!

So if you are hoping for an apprenticeship at our company, you will always need the right credentials. However, what matters more to us than good grades is a good general education, plus social and/or personal commitment.

Before making an application, you should find out exactly what your chosen apprenticeship involves, so that in an interview you can explain why you have chosen this particular vocation.

Furthermore, it is of course important that you know something about STULZ. Ask your friends and acquaintances, search online and in other media, so that you are well prepared for the selection round.

If your application was successful, you will be invited to attend a panel interview and selection test one afternoon at our company. You will be talking to the apprenticeship manager and possibly your future apprenticeship coordinators from the various departments, as well as a current apprentice, who will be pleased to tell you what an apprenticeship at STULZ is like.

You will be invited to attend a one-to-one interview with the Human Resources Manager, before then being offered an apprenticeship contract.

Find out about the details of vocations you can train in at STULZ in our job list.

Combined apprenticeship and degree course

At STULZ, you also have the option of combining a degree course with an apprenticeship. If you have good grades in your high school diploma/A Levels or advanced college certificate, or a positive response from a college that cooperates with STULZ, you can make an application.

Apprenticeships generally last 3 1/2 years and are divided into theoretical phases, during which you attend lectures and classes at the respective college, and practical phases, during which you become familiar with virtually all the relevant fields of work at STULZ by taking a turn in various departments.

Find out all about degree courses that you can take at STULZ in our job list.

Work experience

If you are a school student looking for work experience, you can apply to us by sending a brief application telling us the exact time and your preferred department. Work experience programs at our company usually last 2 weeks.

As we take the training of our work experience students very seriously, we hope you will understand that we can only accept a limited number of students for work experience at one time. So it may sometimes happen that all our places are already full and we will unfortunately have to turn you down.

We have compiled some application tips for school leavers for you.



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